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11th of February, 2015 - Flexinet, RobustPlaNet, MANSYS Collaboration Meeting

The cooperation possibilities will be exploring among the FLEXINET, ROBUSTPLANET, MANSYS projects.

Industrial visit at voestalpine Polynorm BV

In the second visit at the voestalpine, the VPN use-case was elaborated and scheduled, and the tasks were assigned to the academic and industrial partners.

2nd Project Meeting at Daimler Trucks

In the 2nd Project Meeting, the consortium presented the project to the EU officer and Project Technical Adviser. All the four use cases as well as the application domains were presented and accepted by the EU delegation.

Industrial visit at Knorr-Bremse

At the Knorr-Bremse plant, the target assembly line and the corresponding supply-chain planning processes were introduced, that will be the core topics of the second use-case scenario. The goal of this case is to increase the capacity allocation and production control by flexible and robust planning methods.

Industrial visit at voestalpine Polynorm BV

In the second industrial visit, a new use-case scenario was set-up to meet the project goals of the voestalpine Polynorm. The new use-case will focus on the assembly segment of the company, to increase the robustness by novel equipment strategies applied on the shop floor.

Industrial visit at Daimler Trucks

In the first industrial visit of the project, the Daimler use-case was introduced, that will focus on the development of robust maintenance strategies for an automated machining line. The main target of this demonstrator will be the validation of the opportunistic maintenance services and the related software. The shop floor and plant level will be focused in this use case.

14th - 15th of October, 2013 - Kick-off meeting of the RobustPlaNet R&D project

The project Kick-off meeting took place on 14th and 15th October 2013 in Budapest, Hungary and was hosted by SZTAKI. The goal of the meeting was to bring all participants together and establish a clear vision of the project. At the meeting all partners put forward their plans and expectations for how RobustPlaNet will support their future activities. In the main part of the kick-off meeting the WP leaders presented the strategy to reach the specific aims of their workpackage.


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