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Towards robust production networks – reconfiguration strategies in global production networks

Within the scope of the FESTO use case, a methodology for the identification of an optimal reconfiguration strategy of a supply chain network is developed. The complete methodology has been presented for the first time during the review meeting in May, 2015.

Robust PlaNet Progress

In the last year of the RobustPlaNet project partners are working in the implementation of the industrial use-cases, the testing and validation of the scientific results in real industrial environments and present the efficiency of the novel, robust approaches developed in the different workpackages. The demonstrations will be implemented within the four main use-cases at OMA, Knorr-Bremse, voestalpine and FESTO respectively.

Progress in OMA use case

After the release of deliverable D2.2 "Design and validation of the innovative enabling technologies for shop-floor level services", for which it has been the lead beneficiary, MCM continues his work on the OMA use case and the related Demonstrator 1 "Shock-robust technological concepts for aerospace component production".

Towards robust and efficient production at Voestalpine Polynorm

In cooperation with the academic partners an equipment strategy to support robust and efficient re-configurability of production cells will be developed. The main goal is a production concept that can produce a diverse spectrum of parts throughout their whole product lifecycles. A potential solution has to be found outside of the current concept that splits high and low volume production.

Cooperation between RobustPlaNet and Mansys

Mansys and RobustPlaNet have started discussing the possibility to cooperate. It is currently being assessed if some of the tools developed at RobustPlaNet can be used to support processes on the Mansys project. Doing so will allow RobustPlaNet to prove that the resulting tools can be applied in different use cases, and it will enable Mansys in making their supply chain decisions more flexible. The first discussions have indicated that there are opportunities for cooperation. The next step will focus on assessing with each project partner the feasibility of the cooperation (i.e. IP).

First version of the Simulation and Navigation Cockpit is tested

In cooperation with the workpackage leaders and industrial partners, ITC has started the design and implementation of the first version of the Simulation and Navigation Cockpit, a software that will be the main IT framework of the robust planning and design methods defined in the RobustPlaNet project. The first draft of the planned cockpit was set-up as a demonstration tool of the production planning and scheduling module.

Progress at Sztaki

In the 2nd Demonstrator led by our industrial partner Knorr-Bremse, a novel method is elaborated that focuses on increasing the robustness of the plant-level production planning. The task considers the changes and possible disturbances arising on the shop-floor level in the higher level production planning. The planning is improved by combining statistical learning, mathematical optimization and discrete-event simulation.

Robust PlaNet on the Linkedin

The Robust Planet European project has created now a Linkedin group. All news will be published though it, and members are encouraged to use this group to approach interested professionals. Please join it at

Kick-off meeting of the RobustPlaNet R&D project

The project Kick-off meeting took place on 14th and 15th October 2013 in Budapest, Hungary and was hosted by SZTAKI. The goal of the meeting was to bring all participants together and establish a clear vision of the project. At the meeting all partners put forward their plans and expectations for how RobustPlaNet will support their future activities. In the main part of the kick-off meeting the WP leaders presented the strategy to reach the specific aims of their workpackage.

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