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First version of the Simulation and Navigation Cockpit is tested

In cooperation with the workpackage leaders and industrial partners, ITC has started the design and implementation of the first version of the Simulation and Navigation Cockpit, a software that will be the main IT framework of the robust planning and design methods defined in the RobustPlaNet project. The first draft of the planned cockpit was set-up as a demonstration tool of the production planning and scheduling module. This implementation, with the initial features, boundaries and role management options of the modules were presented in the 3rd RobustPlaNet project meeting at the FESTO premises in Esslingen Germany on 26th September 2014. The partners agreed on the proposed system architecture which meets the industrial requirements and provide a good basis to achieve the software-related goals of the project. The design and implementation of the backbone data model is now being generalized in order to meet the requirements of the latter use cases. Standards were and are currently compared and analyzed and the decision was taken to apply the main part of the commonly applied ISA-95 standard. Furthermore, some potential tools and algorithms were also defined/selected in order to deploy the next subversion of the software.

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