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Festo Supply Chain Case – Stresstest electrical axes production

To achieve highest delivery reliability despite the increasing number of product variants and customer solutions a stress test simulation of the supply chain network of Festo Ag & Co. KG will be executed. The objective is to perform a dynamic bottleneck analysis of the production and the logistic network for exclusive future scenarios. Based on the obtained results, measures will be defined to increase the performance of the supply chain followed by a dynamic evaluation of cost-effectiveness for these measures. In a first step the product range is analyzed and categorized into relevant product clusters. Based on these clusters a suitable level of abstraction for potential analyses and the modeling of the simulation model has to be defined. To improve the efficiency of the supply chain, measures for preventive, reactive and condition based adaptions will be identified and listed. This list in combination with the obtained results of the simulation will be used to define concrete implementation plans for different network configurations with highest delivery reliability.

Electromechanical axis EGC-TB

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