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Progress in OMA use case

After the release of deliverable D2.2 "Design and validation of the innovative enabling technologies for shop-floor level services", for which it has been the lead beneficiary, MCM continues his work on the OMA use case and the related Demonstrator 1 "Shock-robust technological concepts for aerospace component production".

Meetings and workshops with the participation of partners OMA, MCM, POLIMI, MARPOSS and KIT have been hold in order to define specification, requirements and implementation details. The installation of the ARTIS GEM monitoring system on the MCM FMS production line which is operating at OMA in Foligno (Italy) and the software integration with the MCM jFMX plant supervisor were completed in July.

Since then, sensor signals have been registered while machines are working on critical machining tasks of the aeronautical components currently produced by OMA. Data are collected and sent to the academic partners POLIMI and KIT for their cutting tool wear analysis.

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