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Robust PlaNet Progress

In the last year of the RobustPlaNet project partners are working in the implementation of the industrial use-cases, the testing and validation of the scientific results in real industrial environments and present the efficiency of the novel, robust approaches developed in the different workpackages. The demonstrations will be implemented within the four main use-cases at OMA, Knorr-Bremse, voestalpine and FESTO respectively. The general goal of the last year’s activities is to integrate all the developed tools and methods in the RobustPlaNet Simulation and Navigation Cockpit, which is the software framework of the project, providing an integrated, user-friendly environment for robust planning and design of supply chain and plant management and reconfiguration.
The use-case of OMA represents the complex task of opportunistic maintenance planning, which increase the robustness of the production on the plant level by reducing the maintenance activities that would disturb the production. In the Knorr-Bremse use-case robust production planning methodologies will be demonstrated, favoring the accomplishment of the planned service level for the company, even in a dynamic production environment. The voestalpine demonstration is focusing on the implementation of a comprehensive design and management workflow of reconfigurable assembly lines, in order keep the competitiveness of the company even though the continuously changing product portfolio. Within the FESTO use-case, the goal is to design a shock-robust supply network of a certain product which is distributed all over the world, and have a significant impact on the global production strategy of FESTO.
During months 30-36, each of the demonstrators will be presented on-site, to prove the efficiency of the novel methods implemented in the project, and validate them in real industrial cases. The results of the project are being presented in Hannover Messe towards the end of April 2016 in cooperation with the FLEXINET project. Follow-up industrial demonstrations are organized in Italy linked with the next RobustPlaNet project meeting and also in The Netherlands where the project is providing a demonstration in the Industrial Technologies in Amsterdam.

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