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Towards robust production networks – reconfiguration strategies in global production networks

Within the scope of the FESTO use case, a methodology for the identification of an optimal reconfiguration strategy of a supply chain network is developed. The complete methodology has been presented for the first time during the review meeting in May, 2015.
The developed four step methodology is now applied to identify robust migration paths of the supply chain network of FESTO. Several meetings and workshops have been hold to identify so called key drivers of change. In vital discussions with experts of logistics, production and sales the interdependencies and relevance of the key drivers of change have been worked out. Furthermore, possible actions for the adaption of the production network have been discussed and preselected based on technical and organizational reasons. Currently, the academic partner KIT is modelling the key drivers of change and actions for adaptions analytically. Based on this, robust migrations paths will be identified applying the developed optimization model, presented in Deliverable 3.3.
Simultaneously, ITC and the academic partner KIT are integrating selected modules into the simulation and navigation cockpit to support the applicability of the methodology and demonstration of the results.

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